Presidents Message

I believe that hearing is the most vital of all the senses and my career has been focused on the protection, preservation and enhancement of hearing and balance. Helen Keller once said, “the loss of other senses separates people from things, whereas hearing loss separates people from people”. The intrinsic rewards that I receive come from knowing that I have helped patients improve their communicative ability in addition to reclaiming healthier relationships and improved levels of confidence.

Improvement of hearing is a process. The process begins with the identification of the loss, maximizing hearing potential, and ends with preserving your hearing ability. Hearing is an essential part of communication between individuals, and we have the professional medical team to thoroughly investigate any hearing or balance concerns, including tinnitus and auditory processing issues by conventional and advanced otoneurophysiologic testing. Our team includes several Doctoral level Audiologists, which results in a wealth of both professional knowledge and experience that is second to none. The Clinical Doctorate Degree (Au.D.) is the highest standard for practicing Audiologists and few have made the commitment to pursue this higher education. The Canadian Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists estimates that less than 1% of practicing audiologists have committed to pursuing this higher degree. Recently, Rodney Taylor has completed post-Doctoral level training in Tinnitus and Hyperacusis. Always committed to excellence and continuing education, we have been providing the highest level of professional hearing healthcare to clients throughout the region and worldwide for almost 20 years.

Due to our extensive staff experience and knowledge base, we are able to offer our clients further testing beyond the basic hearing test to pinpoint the areas of dysfunction from the ears to the brain, which results in better patient success. The amplification and other services that we provide are supported by evidence-based practice and match the listening needs of the patient. We possess empathy for each patient in the delicate matter of accepting and obtaining help for hearing loss, tinnitus and balance issues. We take a stress-free approach with our patients, realizing the sensitivity and acceptance issues that are associated with hearing loss.

Due to our advanced studies, we have recently incorporated “Brain-Training” into our clinical regimen. This serves to minimize the impact of auditory deprivation and to strengthen the brains overall pathways. There are also programs available that specifically target the auditory system is available.

Our core values include respect, empathy, personalized customer service, teamwork, patient education, and staying current with the latest advancements in the field. We provide education on the latest technologies and how they may be of benefit, which is evident in our participation and collaboration in research with several hearing aid manufacturers, colleagues and equipment manufacturers. If our patients make the commitment to improve their communicative situation, tinnitus, or balance issues, we provide our patients with unparalleled service and support. We work as a team to ensure long-term success with their hearing, tinnitus, or balance solutions. As our patient’s allies, I encourage all of our clinicians to take the opportunity to educate those with hearing loss. Hearing loss and tinnitus/hyperacusis impacts all aspects of one’s life (family relationships, self-esteem, academic performance and health status) and our clinics firmly believe that our affected patients need to learn empowering strategies and minimize the impact of hearing loss and tinnitus/hyperacusis on quality of life.

As a clinical education setting for numerous universities throughout Canada and the U.S., students are often astounded by the technology that our clinics provide, both in testing and rehabilitation. Frequently, students study procedures but have no testing/rehabilitation
experience on particular equipment until they do placements at our clinics. Students gain valuable experience with both the unique technology and superior customer service that we offer. They typically mention that they are impressed with the dedication to current hearing research demonstrated by our Doctoral level Audiologists and how this research is applied into our clinical practice. We are continually researching the most reliable and accurate assessment methods and applying them in practice. We are engaged in diverse and specialized audiological services that would not usually be found in a typical hearing aid clinic. The Advanced Hearing Group of Clinics is committed to excellence in providing hearing and balance healthcare to individuals of all ages with advanced state-of-the-art testing technology and diagnostic tools (many of these are unique to our clinics and not used routinely at other clinics). We have three locations throughout Ottawa and are working hard to enhance the quality of life for all of our patients. on behalf of my experienced and professional staff, we feel honored that you have entrusted us to provide you with hearing healthcare.

Thank you for your trust and confidence.

Rodney Taylor, Doctor of Audiology, Post-Doctoral Speciality Certificated in Tinnitus and Hyperacusis, Audiologist.
B.Sc., M.Sc., Au.D., Reg. CASLPO, AUD ( C ), CAA, FAAA, FADA