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Rodney Taylor

B.Sc., M.Sc., AuD, AUD (c ), FAAA, reg CASLPO, reg OSLA, CAA, Fellow of the Academy of Doctors of Audiology, Doctor of Audiology

Rodney Taylor obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Psychology from Trent University in 1986. He went on to study Audiology, with a focus on neurophysiology, from Minot State University in North Dakota, where he obtained his Master’s degree on a scholarship through the Saskatchewan Provincial Government. He graduated on the Dean’s Honor List with the highest distinction possible (Summa Cum Laude) and was nominated for the prestigious All American Scholar award. His name can be found in the publication of Who’s Who in American Universities and in Kippling’s Who’s Who Professional Executives Edition. Rodney has obtained his doctoral degree in Clinical Audiology at the Pennsylvania College of Optometry-School of Audiology (now known as Salus University), one of the most prestigious post graduate institutions for Audiologists in North America. He has studied under the tutelage of world-renowned academics and researchers such as Dr. Pawel Jasterboff, Dr. Stephen Smith, Dr. David Stapells, Dr. Holly Hosford-Dunn, Dr. Howard Gutnick, Dr. David Zapela, Dr. Tom Thunder, and Chester Pirzanski, to name a few.

For over 15 years, he has been serving individuals who are hard-of-hearing in Ottawa and the surrounding region. While working at the Civic Hospital, he was very involved in research and development of clinical protocols for neurophysiologic tests and hearing aid prescriptive protocols. He also developed the aural rehabilitation and lip-reading course that is still being offered today in many Audiology clinics. Rodney published a handbook on the subject, entitled “Understanding and Coping with Hearing Loss”. He is involved in private practice and has worked in conjunction with many area Ear, Nose and Throat specialists.

In 2005, Rodney was formally recognized at a gala in the United States for his contributions to a hearing aid foundation that provides amplification to children in third world countries.

Professionally, Rodney has been involved in many national and provincial associations which include: The Canadian Association of Speech and Language Pathologists and Audiologists, The Canadian Academy of Audiology, The College of Audiologists and Speech and Language Pathologists of Ontario, The American Academy of Audiology, the Ontario Association of Speech and Language Pathologists and Audiologists. Recently he has been recognized by and included in the most recent worldwide edition of Who’s Who in Executives and Professionals world wide edition.

Rodney continues to be involved in the development of Preferred Practice Guidelines for members of the College of Audiologists and Speech and Language Pathologists of Ontario.

In the past, Rodney has been involved as the Chairperson of the Electrophysiology and Otoacoustic Emissions Symposium at the annual convention of the Canadian Association of Speech and Language Pathologists and Audiologists. He has presented as a guest speaker, on his research on Meniere’s disease (“The Clinical Utility of Electrocochleography in Diagnosing Meniere’s Disease”) at an annual convention of the Ontario Speech and Language Association. He presented his Thesis and research entitled “The Middle Latency and Late Vertex Response in Children with Language Disorders” at the 1991 American Speech and Hearing Association in Atlanta, Georgia. In 1992, Taylor was the guest lecturer at a Canadian Hard-of-Hearing Association annual symposium where he presented on Aural Rehabilitation. He has been an “expert” on many occasions for CTV, the New RO (recently changed to the A Channel), and CBC television, and has done many guest television appearances. In 1992 Rodney also appeared with another well known audiologist on a segment of the television program W5, where noise levels of toys were being investigated.

Rodney has extensive experience with hearing aids, assistive listening devices, Meniere’s disease, middle ear abnormalities, the neurophysiologic aspects of the auditory system, fluctuating hearing loss, and balance testing and rehabilitation. Recently, he has begun to work extensively with tinnitus patients (individuals who experience subjective ear or head noises). His focus continues to be on personalized client care that offers the very best technology, in addition to meticulous consideration for the needs of those he serves.

Individuals have traveled from as far away as New Brunswick, Nunavut, Florida, England, India, the Middle East, and the Caribbean Islands to see him. His clientele includes many well known musicians, politicians, actors and actresses, and authors.

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Doctor of Audiology, Speciality Certificate in Tinnitus and Hyperacusis, Audiologist.

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