Assistive Listening Devices

Your hearing aid may be your most valuable communication tool, but some listening situations are more difficult than others and your hearing aid is sometimes not enough to hear optimally. When background noise is a factor and interferes with your communicative ability, or a speaker is more than a few feet away, listening is more difficult. Assistive listening devices can reduce interfering noise and shorten the distance from the sound source to the ear. These assistive listening devices may be helpful with your television, radio, stereo, telephone, face-to-face communication, public address systems (theaters and meetings). Devices with special alarms (flashing light, louder volume, or vibration) to alert you to the doorbell, smoke detector, phone, alarm clock, or a baby crying are also available.

There are many Assistive Listening Devices on the market that you may benefit from. Many hearing aids are bluetooth compatible and manufacturers have developed bluetooth products that are compatible with specific hearing aids. Discuss the available options with our Audiologists.