Custom Made Ear Protection

The professionals at Advanced Hearing Aid Clinic and Advanced Hearing and Balance Institute offer a full line of over-the-counter and custom made Ear protection.

Whatever the application, from the unparalleled true-to-life sound delivered by Musicians’ Plugs® to solid industrial applications, our products will meet your needs. Custom sound buds to fit many of the most popular headsets, including Walkman™, Plantronics™, Telex™, AudioLink™, Shure™, and others (The headset should be sent along to the laboratory with impressions when ordering for accurate fitting). Unsurpassed for sound reproduction and comfort, these custom units maximize the quality of sound delivered and are unsurpassed in comfort.

Etymotic Research (ER 9, 15 and 25 acoustic filters)

Their frequency response follows the shape of the natural frequency response of the open ear, ER 9/15/25 Musicians Ear Plugs® are designed to provide flat 9, 15, or 25dB attenuation. These attenuators are acknowledged to be the finest product of their kind available today, because the wearer hears sounds naturally, clearly and accurately, but at a reduced level. This product is an excellent choice for professional musicians, or anyone who appreciates clarity and understanding while reducing environmental noise. Sports Plugs (15SP) are ideally suited for wearing at events where their small size renders them inconspicuous, yet allows performance almost equal to the regular Musician’s Plugs.


Molds for pilots, telephone operators, police, security, fire fighters, TV reporters, air traffic controllers, etc. Available with or without microphone hanger (fixed or movable) in your choice of hard or soft materials, clear, tinted or bright NEON Colors.



Pilot’s Plug with Adaptor
Advanced Hearing Aid Clinic and Advanced Hearing and Balance Institute pride themselves in producing the best fitting and most comfortable ear plugs for easy integration with radio control systems commonly found in commercial and military aircraft.



A series of Stethoscope adapters and custom hearing products are available for use in the medical profession for those with or without hearing losses.



This type of mold is used to open a prolapsed canal or to keep an ear canal open after surgery. As large a bore as possible is used in order to allow the most sound to reach the eardrum. Any style can be adapted, although the most popular are the canal tip or skeleton. Hard materials such as Lucite or Medicryl are the preferred choices.


Specialized Earplugs, Noise Breakers, Acoustic Filtered Plugs

Used primarily in environments where a filtered attenuator is desired (cuts the natural peak at 1000 Hz) and user requires ability to hear normal conversation. Minimal low frequency attenuation is provided, but significant attenuation in the higher frequency sounds. There is a gradual linear increase in the amount of overall attenuation as the value of the filter is increased from 680 to 4700 ohms. Usually made of a PVC or Silicone material with optional handles, cord, clip left/right designation etc.

For maximum attenuation short of requiring a full ear muff, these plugs reduce sound a maximum 28dB of constant attenuation and are the choice for persons who find themselves in very loud environments. They are reasonably priced while still ensuring noise reduction because it’s very difficult not to insert them properly in the ear once an individual is counseled on insertion techniques.

Bluetooth Adaptor Mold

A number of jurisdictions have already outlawed the use of mobile telephones while driving a vehicle unless the unit can be used hands free. This custom ear pieces fits many such units. The adapter should be sent along with the impression and the completed system will be returned.