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Nicholas Demirtas

Nicholas Demirtas, Doctor of Audiology, Au.D., M.Sc., Aud(C), Reg CASLPO, Carling Clinic

Nicholas Demirtas earned a Master of Health Sciences in Audiology at the University of Ottawa in 2013. He then went on to pursue the Doctor of Audiology degree (Au.D.) at the University of Florida, which he completed in 2016.

Realizing the benefits that come with the completion of doctoral level studies, Americans have recently changed their entry-to-practice requirement from a Master’s degree to the Au.D. The entry-to-practice requirement for Audiologists in Canada remains the Master’s degree. Thus, completion of this advanced degree by Canadian audiologists is indicative of devotion to the field of audiology. As the profession continues to evolve and grow, the knowledge and skills acquired during the Doctor of Audiology program become increasingly vital to the care of today’s patient.

Nicholas has studied under the tutelage of world-renowned academics and researchers such as Dr. James W. Hall III, Dr. Christopher Spankovich, and Dr. Alice E. Holmes, among others. He is fluent in French and English and offers professional services in both official languages. Nicholas is dedicated to pursuing professional development in the latest audiological techniques and research in order to offer the highest quality patient care.

In addition to the researchers mentioned above, Nicholas has also had the opportunity to study with Professor Christian Giguère, president of the Canadian Acoustical Association (CAA), co-chairman of the International Commission on the Biological Effects of Noise (ICBEN), and one of the University of Ottawa’s leading researchers in the field of occupational noise exposure. Nicholas wrote his master’s thesis, entitled The Use of Level Dependent Hearing Protectors in Noisy Environments, under the supervision of Dr. Giguère.

Nicholas is a certified member of Speech-Language and Audiology Canada (SAC), the highest professional standard set by the national association of audiologists. SAC certification is not required to practice audiology in Ontario and is therefore indicative of a commitment to excellence. It is recognized by many international employers and associations as evidence that the audiologist possesses the knowledge and skills necessary for recognition in their country.

Working at a clinic such as Advanced Hearing gives Nicholas the opportunity to conduct not only the basic audiological assessments that are performed at other hearing clinics, but also to delve into less well-known, though equally important areas of audiology, such as tinnitus management, vestibular rehabilitation, auditory electrophysiology and more.

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